Residential Propane Supplier in Exeter, Porterville & Fresno

Propane is an energy efficient choice for appliances both inside and outside of your home, and Jack Griggs, Inc. can meet all of your propane needs with simple delivery options and payment plans customized for your individual usage.

Serving Central California

Locations in Exeter, Porterville and Fresno

3 Easy Ways to Buy and Maintain your Propane

  1. Call Jack Griggs, Inc. when you're ready to fill your propane and we'll arrive in a timely manner to get you re-fueled
  2. Establish a Regular Route to top off your propane, keeping you full and worry-free from ever running out
  3. Opt for a Budget Plan where we estimate your usage over 12 months and average your monthly payments to a steady, manageable amount

Indoor Appliances

Propane Heaters
Water Heaters
Clothes Dryers
Cook Stoves
Fireplace Logs
Propane Refrigerators

Outdoor Appliances

Barbecue Grills
Patio Heaters
Pool Heaters
Spa Heaters
Torches and Crop Flaming